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 At Aire Gypsy, we've got you covered... tops, blouses, skirts, pants, mini, midi, short, and maxi boho beach white dresses that speak to you!

Inspired by a Gypsy Soul & a Rasta Spirit》Our personal style is to express good vibes through comfy, current, boho-chic trends ¤

At Aire Gypsy, we've got you covered... tops, blouses, skirts, pants, mini, midi, short, and maxi beach dresses that speak to you!

Our passion is to hunt new indie trends like: unique embroideries, elegant crochet, romantic lace, vintage cover ups, inspired boho tie-dye, colorful lightweight fabrics, and whimsical accessories in the classic fashion that we all love.

Aire Gypsy offers a great selection of the latest bohemian clothing trends. Like twin souls, free shipping and affordable prices belong together and we ♡ it.

-Our Story-
Aire is a Spanish word, that means Air.
My husband and I have always been known for being free like the wind. For some reason -that only God knows- we never find ourselves in the same place for too long. We are like nomads. We love to move, discover new places, meet new people, and travel the world together with our little tribe <Diego, Sergio and Mauricio>. It’s a lifestyle we dream about and work hard to conquer.

-Samuel- 1995, cruising the North Coast of Puerto Rico in his 1972 Volkswagen Transporter, enjoying the beautiful view of the Caribbean waters, he then envisioned his dream. My husband wanted to create a store with affordable prices and a beach/boho vibe. Success! His dream began in Corozal, PR as a beautiful little shop with dry palm fronds for a roof. This became home to hundreds of handmade, vintage, and one-of-a-kind products and clothing. My husband later moved the store to Rio Piedras, PR near the University of Puerto Rico, where the student community and locals started to feel like family to him.

-Angela- At an early age, my dream was to design beautiful clothing that fit my fashion standards as well as my family’s feminine conservative dress code. For me, school was a burden. My only interest seemed to be drawing and dreaming, but it was always a hidden talent. At 17 years old, I graduated from high school and moved by myself from Hormigueros, PR to a crazy apartment ($75 a month for a bed) with six girls I’d never met in Carolina, PR. I had no family or friends nearby, I had only faith in God, $80, a bag with less than 20 pieces of clothing (counting shoes) and a heart full of colorful expectations. My motto was, “Work to live and survive, but never live to work.”

-Love Story- 2002, One day, I was heading to the University with my roommates and, as I walked through the parking lot at the apartment complex, I saw a man running behind and pushing a 1979, yellow <bright as the sun>, convertible Volkswagen beetle. At that moment, it was love at first sight! the car and the man of my dreams. From the first date, we were inseparable... we were like Bonnie and Clyde. For good, for bad, always together. Unfortunately, he was 13 years older than me. Big challenge for my conservative family and culture, because I was 17 years old!!! I had to find a solution. Well, a great idea came to my mind! I told my family that my apartment was too crazy, loud and it was too difficult for me to focus on my studies. I told them that I had found a wonderful "gay friend", who offered me to move in with him, for the same price!!! And was giving me full room instead of just a bed. Everything was true....but one little lie, he was my boyfriend, not gay friend! Sam was not happy about it, pretending to be gay for my family was difficult, but he’d rather not go to jail, so he said yes! Our closest friends, who knew the truth about our relationship, always said that we were meant to be together.

-Working together- I used to have two jobs to be able keep up with the full responsibility of living by myself. For my family it was impossible to support me financially. Sam would ask me to help him at his store from time to time, to cut down on employee expenses. Having the opportunity to help people with fashion and clothing in the dressing rooms, was a magical experience. Before owning a store, Samuel earned his living as a Physical Education teacher in the public school system of Puerto Rico. His dream was to finally quit his job as a teacher and work full time at his store, interact with people, and travel the world in search of new products. My dream was to follow Sam to the end of the world and design my own clothing line. Finally, we agreed on him quitting his job, and me dropping out of the University. We had to make many difficult decisions to find money to invest in the business and achieve our goals. One of them was to sell the Volkswagen beetle, but we were so happy to work together 24/7, doing what we love.

-Ring the bells- 2005, We were very crazy in love, but with a difficult way of loving each other. He wanted to have babies, but I wanted to do the things right to honor my family and follow the traditional path of marriage. Finally, three years later we told my family the truth about our relationship! We got married, and had small ceremony in Hawaiian style decoration right in the patio of the house we bought together. Our new dream was to start a family.

-Losing our motto and love- Years later we were just working and working. Three stores, nine employees, our own exclusive collection designs and full of success! But we quickly encountered ourselves losing our identities, our first dream, and more importantly our own relationship. We have been radicals all our lives and we made a complete 180° decision. We moved to Orlando, FL, sold our business, quit our laborious lifestyle, and started fresh! With the mighty help of God, it took us almost two years to really detox our stress and feel like ourselves again. Sometimes you must let go of things to win back who you truly are.

-Aire Gypsy is Born- We decided to start once again our old dream; to have fun, and buy one-of-a-kind products to sell in our new baby: Aire Gypsy. Now, with the maturity to put our spiritual life first and to have a healthy balance between ourselves, our love as a couple, quality time with our kiddos, and family, it’s time to just have fun with Aire Gypsy!

-Our goal with Aire Gypsy- We love to celebrate our identities as Caribbean beach lovers, encourage women to dress more with a breeze of classic feminine look and help them to enjoy expressing themselves with free-spirited accessories that carry a bohemian vibe. Always giving the best customer service, affordable prices, and free shipping!

Angela & Chino